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Water damage

24/7 Water Damage Repair in San Diego

How to respond to water damage by understanding the risk of water damage?

The presence of unwanted water can cause severe damage to your property if not removed immediately. Thus, make sure to act promptly. Most importantly, consider seeking water damage repair services always if your home is under the influence of water damage.

Whether the damage is caused by leaking pipes or heavy rain, it’s always necessary to take professional help to get things back to normal. However, if you believe the water damage is not major, we still recommend that you give us a call and schedule a free inspection for our professionals to evaluate the situation ensuring your home is water damage free and mold will not grow after few days due to any hidden water damage.

However, before moving ahead with the cleaning task, there are certain things you should be aware of so that you could carry on the task without so much of hassles.

Drain sink pipe blockage.

Understand the risk of water damage

Since you know water damage can be caused by several reasons, you should know about the different categories of water as well.

Category one is the clean water- Technically, the source of the clean water is the sanitary pipes, steam lines or rainwater. Cleaning clean water does not involve any health risks unless the water is contaminated. Therefore, you should consider cleaning your home before the water gets contaminated.

Category two is the gray water- If the color of water turns gray, the chance is that it’s contaminated with mold spores and other toxins. Cleaning these types of water could pose threats to your health. Hence, do not consider cleaning gray water without the help of professionals.

Category three is the black water- Black water contains infectious viruses, bacteria, and toxic materials that could certainly pose several health risks. Thus, do not ever think of cleaning black water without the supervision of professional experts.

Inspect your entire home properly

Make sure to conduct a thorough inspection before getting started with the cleaning process. You should not leave any areas of your home unattended. Let your home and wet items dry completely. Furthermore, when cleaning, make sure to use vacuum cleaners and all other necessary tools to get the job done safely and effectively.

Please note that most building materials look exactly the same when they are wet and the only way to find out if the drywall, cabinets or wood are dry is to use a professional moisture meter that can detect the moisture inside the building material. You can always request a free moisture inspection after any kind of water damage to make sure that your property is water damage free.

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