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Our professionals in flood cleanup and slab leak detection rely on the latest pieces of equipment to eliminate traces of water damage and ensure that your property is dry and cozy once again.

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We’ll engage in thorough water leak detection to analyze your situation before we start drawing plans on how to proceed with mold damage restoration services and bring back your home’s shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Issues caused by water damage won’t go away on their own once the water dries out. In fact, there is a great probability they will escalate into a broader issue that may endanger your home’s integrity in Del Mar and significantly decrease its value and appeal. Enlisting help from accomplished specialists in water damage restoration will help you mitigate the damage and deal with the consequences in a professional and methodical way.

It depends on a couple of factors so it’s hard to provide a decent time estimate. In some cases, you may be able to return to your home only hours after mold remediation or restoration. On the other hand, it may take days before your home is deemed safe for your family to return. Always consult with professionals before making plans to return and consider the following factors:

  • The extent of mold spread and damage
  • Indoor air quality in your home
  • The position of mold patches and areas affected
  • Your health condition and history of illnesses
  • Construction materials used in your home in Del Mar
  • Weather patterns and humidity levels

While not all leaks are plumbing emergencies, you should act like they are. The main reason for caution is that even minor leaks are unpredictable and can suddenly turn into a catastrophe. In some cases, water leaks can seem negligible with the real problem bubbling beneath the surface. If you notice even the smallest leak, don’t wait before calling reliable emergency plumbers.

Put simply, nothing good can come out of ignoring concrete slab leakage. Increased water bills are only the start and before long you may have to deal with extensive damage to your flooring, carpets, furniture, and electronic equipment. In worst-case scenarios, waiting to contact slab leak detection services in Del Mar can prove costly and result in structural damage to your home’s foundation. Don’t risk your home’s integrity, call professional 24-hour plumbing services and you’ll likely save a lot of money down the line.

From immediate identification of the source of the problem and swift mitigation techniques to limit exposure to securing your prized possessions and dealing with structural issues, flood damage restoration takes time. Depending on how quickly the flooding was stopped, the extent of damage, and the various areas and materials affected, the whole process of flood damage repair can take anywhere between a couple of days to a few weeks from the incident.

It’s hard to say since every home in Del Mar differs in terms of size, layout, building materials, and the amount of air circulation that is flowing through the indoor areas. Depending on the severity of water damage, drying out wet walls during flood damage restoration can take anywhere from a couple of days in case of dry and windy weather to a couple of weeks during the humid and cold season.

Whether you’re located close to Del Mar Fairgrounds or the southern part of town, Risk Free Serv is your vigilant guardian in case of water-related damage. As the leading experts in mold remediation and removal who excel in all types of emergency plumbing services, we cover the entire San Diego area. If you’re located an hour’s drive from Clairmont, we have you covered no matter the extent or cause of your water damage. 

From emergency plumbing in Del Mar to Carlsbad water and mold damage restoration services, Risk Free Serv is ready to quickly hit the road and put a stop to potential calamity with minimum inconvenience to your household. 

Let us fight the waves while you’re de-stressing with your loved ones at Powerhouse Park. We’ll get to the nitty-gritty and ensure that you can return to your home with a smile on your face. Don’t waste precious time—call us ASAP!


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