Non-Stop Water & Mold Damage Restoration & Plumbing in Hillcrest, CA

Non-Stop Water & Mold Damage Restoration & Plumbing in Hillcrest, CA

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We can help you with your mold remediation in Hillcrest

Our mold damage specialists will put your mind at ease

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Frequently Asked Questions

First things first: what exactly do we mean by water damage? The term water damage refers to any damage caused by water on various surfaces throughout your property. Whether it’s minor or considerable, short-term or lasting, water damage can come from various sources, from natural disasters such as flooding to leakage, burst pipes and similar plumbing emergencies. 

Aside from material damage to your property and belongings, there are health and safety risks to be on the lookout for. Even if you shut off the main water and power supply right away and evacuate any individuals from the premises affected by water damage, there are other potential health risks which may come into play at a later point in time. For one thing, there is the risk of organic matter growth, such as that of mold, fungi or bacteria, and the related health and safety hazards.

This is why you would be ill-advised to attempt to handle and take care of water damage and all its ramifications by yourself. You need a team of experts in your corner, and that is where we come in. Risk Free Serv is here to help: as tried-and-tested local damage repair and restoration specialists, we are available for water damage repair and restoration projects of any scope.

Taking steps to fix damage to floors, drywall, furniture and similar items must be done as quickly as possible in order to minimize the risk of mold and mildew. This is especially important in the case of drywall, which is extremely absorbent and porous. Long exposure to excess water causes it to lose its structural integrity. 

To counteract the effect of damage to the wall and minimize related health and safety risks, water damage repair and restoration specialists will use water extractors, dehumidifiers, commercial-grade fans, and HEPA filters. 

These are the common steps of repairing water-damaged drywall:

  • Identify the leak/point of water damage
  • Conduct damage assessment
  • Proceed with wet drywall removal
  • Perform a replacement of damaged insulation 
  • Install a new drywall section

Depending on the moisture, temperature, and related factors, it may take mold as little as 24 to 48 hours to grow in the area affected by water damage. It is therefore of vital importance that you contact water damage repair and restoration specialists with experience in mold remediation at the first sign of trouble.

Is mold from water leaks dangerous?

The potential effect of molds on human health depends on individual sensitivity, as some people may be more sensitive to mold and susceptible to developing symptoms such as skin or eye itchiness, redness or irritation, stuffy nose, or respiratory issues such as wheezing. 

Although health-conscious individuals find any presence of mold alarming, mold will not necessarily have a detrimental health effect. Namely, mold is likely to be found in a warm and damp environment, which is a common side effect of water leaks and similar sources of water damage. This alone may aggravate health and allergy symptoms, especially in individuals with a history of respiratory issues.

Although it is impossible to tell with certainty if mold in your Hillcrest home represents a health hazard or not, mold is certainly not a pleasant sight. It is, therefore, best to take action right away to remediate mold at the first sign of mold, be it a musty odor or visual traces of mold per se or common indications of hidden mold presence such as water stains and discoloration.

When it comes to water damage, a minor issue can escalate before you know it, leading to extensive damage and resulting in costly repairs. To make matters worse, the damage may be irreparable. You are left with major property loss and rapidly piling water damage repair and restoration bills. Worse yet, the outcome is uncertain, as is your potential of bouncing back and getting back on track. 

We are here to put a stop to that. You can rely on us to provide a prompt response to your water damage situation in Hillcrest or any other community in the area, as part of our 24/7 emergency service. We can offer you a professional opinion based on an in-depth inspection and evaluation and our team’s extensive experience in the field of mitigating damage through professional damage repair and restoration. 

Risk Free Serv is your dependable go-to damage restoration and repair company when times get tough. We will think on our feet and act fast to help you minimize risks of further property damage and loss and secure an optimal outcome. 

Reach out to us and get your cost-effective long-term solution today!


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