Can a water leak make you sick

Everything You Need to Know About Leaking Pipes

When you’ve experienced water leaks at least once in your life, you know how unpredictable they can be. If you don’t act fast, the damage can spread and it’ll take more time to repair everything. The best way to prevent issues caused by leaky pipes is to hire trusted experts in water leak detection in San Diego on an annual basis.

But why is this so? Why are water leaks such a big deal and what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t address them in a timely manner? We’ll be answering these questions in the following article. Keep reading to learn more.

Can a water leak make you sick?

If you’ve been feeling sick lately, but can’t figure out the reason behind it, your problem may be caused by a water leak in your home. Whether you’ve noticed a change in your meter readings or simply found a rusty pipe, it’s strongly recommended to have it fixed ASAP, as failing to do so can lead to a mold infestation. 

These infestations can cause the following health problems:

  • Allergy-like symptoms, like sneezing, runny or itchy nose
  • Fever and nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Asthma
  • Tightening in the chest

Mold develops quickly and once you notice it, it’s important that you act fast to prevent further damage. Give a call to the professional service if you have sensitive health.

Can a water leak cause structural damage?

The biggest damage that a water leak causes to the structure is characterized by a slab leak. It usually takes the form of cracked floors. If you notice your carpets are wet or hear water running when the faucets are tightened, the damage is already done underneath your feet.

Unless you seal that water leak quickly, it may spread to other parts of your home and even weaken its foundation. You can easily spot the damage by the discoloration, stains, and cold wet spots on your walls. The room where the leak is happening usually has a foul odor.

Can water leaks cause fires?

Exposed electrical outlets need just a drop of moisture to stop functioning, but when the whole house is powered, water and electricity are the worst combination. In addition to inflicting severe damage to your belongings, a short circuit can result in an electrical fire or even lethal electrocution.

That’s why, as soon as you notice a significant leak, you should turn off the electricity in your home and call in the professionals to inspect the damage and perform the necessary repairs. You shouldn’t attempt to fix it yourself if it’s deeper in the walls, as one wrong move can make an exposed wire burn the entire house down.

Who should I call when I need water leak detection in San Diego?

Can a water leak cause structural damage

If you’re suspecting a rusty pipe is causing your water leak, or are unsure of the reason behind it, call Risk Free Serv! Our service is quick and effective, as we have all the equipment and the knowledge necessary to repair any type of slab or water leak.

Don’t worry about trying to fix the damage yourself, because we are here for you. Instead of worrying about your safety in your home, have a relaxing day off at Balboa Park with your loved ones and leave all the worries to us! When you return, it will be as if the leak has never even happened. Contact us today and we’ll come over as soon as possible!

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