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Dealing with fire and smoke damage

What to do and what not to do?

Fire and smoke released from it can cause significant damage to property. Not to mention that the toll of emotional trauma it can have on you upon losing valuable properties. Moreover, dealing with the mess left behind by the fire is a huge and dangerous task. Therefore, it’s important to seek professional help to deal with these kinds of situations.

Fire and smoke damage restoration process is a vital task which should only be performed by professional experts. Do not unnecessarily make things worse by trying to restore your property by yourself. However, you need to act immediately and seek professional help to restore back your property as soon as possible. Because smoke released by the fire are very injurious to health. That’s why it’s important that you seek professional help.


We have listed some dos and don’ts to be followed after a fire devours your property.


  • Dial the emergency number of a reliable fire and smoke damage Restoration Company.
  • Make sure the property is secured.
  • If possible open the doors and windows to let the polluted air out of your home.
  • Try to keep everyone away from the home until it’s been cleaned and restored by professionals.


  • Do not touch anything unless they are not cleaned and sanitized.
  • Do not try to plug or unplug electronic devices.
  • Do not try cleaning the fire and smoke residue from ceiling, walls, and other objects without professional help.
  • Do not use any items that have been exposed to fire and smoke.
  • Do not enter the establishment unless it’s cleaned and sanitized properly.

How to choose the right fire and smoke damage Restoration Company?

The whole restoration process is a matter of huge task with lots of things to do to restore back the entire property and every damaged item in it. It’s a job only professionals are capable of performing it. In order to ensure the restoration process is done effectively and safely, it’s important to hire qualified and highly experienced professionals to do the job. However, before making choosing a company, see if the company fully insured and certified or not.

Nonetheless, if you need fire and smoke damage restoration services in San Diego, Risk Free Serv has got you covered. We offer emergency services as well.

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