Does drywall need to be replaced after water damage

How to Save My Water-Damaged Drywall?

Water can be extremely destructive and cause great harm to your home, especially to your wood floors, drywall, ceilings, and personal belongings. To mitigate any further damage and manage to salvage your property, you need to think fast and contact one of the reliable water restoration companies from the area.

Your trusted & skillful water damage repair specialists will evaluate the situation, gauge the extent of damage, and do everything in their power to preserve the value of your property, and restore it to its initial condition. Here is what you need to know to be able to act adequately and save your walls from being completely ruined:

Is drywall ruined if it gets wet

Is drywall ruined if it gets wet?

Whether your drywall will be salvageable after it has been exposed to water, or excess moisture, will depend on the following factors:

  1. The extent of water damage.

    While a minor leak that has been caught timely won’t probably lead to irreparable water damage, large amounts of water can cause great havoc if left untreated over an extended period. This is often the case with the hidden leaks that are usually uncovered only after the damage has already been done. In such cases, you might need to replace certain parts of your drywall. To be on the safe side, it’s highly recommendable to let the experts estimate what the best course of action is.

  2. The presence of mold.

    Being very porous, drywall represents an ideal environment for mold to start growing and spreading uncontrollably. In case the temperature and humidity levels are optimal, mold can even appear in the first 48 hours. If this is your situation, you need to call your water damage repair company immediately. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to eliminate all the mold and save your drywall.

  3. The type of coating on your walls.

    If your drywall is covered with a water-resistant coating, it will have one more layer of protection against water damage. However, this doesn’t make it damage-proof, and you still need to contact the experts if you notice any signs of a potential plumbing emergency.

Does drywall need to be replaced after water damage?

Whether your drywall can be fixed, or if you’ll need to replace it entirely, or certain parts of it, will be determined by your trustworthy water damage repair specialist. They possess the necessary equipment and expertise needed to inspect your property down to the tiniest detail and assess its condition with the utmost precision.

However, to ensure that you will get a professional opinion and honest advice, you need to select your water restoration company carefully. It’s best to go with a locally-owned one that has been a part of the San Diego community for years and has vast experience in dealing with restoration projects of different size and scope. 

How do you dry out water-damaged walls

How do you dry out water-damaged walls?

To save your water-damaged walls, you first need to tackle the source of the damage, extract all the water, and then dry them out as soon as possible. Considering the complexity of the task, it’s safer to hire professionals to do the job for you. Your DIY skills may be exceptional, but if the damage has not been properly handled, you may end up with the same, or even worse issue, in just a few months.  

Credible restoration companies will rely on their proven methods and utilize their state-of-the-art restoration equipment, from advanced water extractors, fans, dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, and similar commercial-grade machinery, to complete the work as efficiently as possible.  

“Where can I find the best water restoration companies near me?”

Right here in the Clairemont Mesa community in San Diego! Risk Free Serv is a local business fully committed to providing its clients with dependable water damage repair, mold remediation, & emergency plumbing services. We take great pride in our IICRC-certified team of experts who always bring their A-game and take every new challenge with genuine devotion and passion.

You can reach us at any time of the day or night, and we will do our best to dispatch our crew to your address as fast as possible. Our mission is to keep our loyal clients 100% satisfied and safe. We won’t fail you in your time of need.

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