How do you know if you have plumbing problems

Top 3 Signs That You Need to Call in an Emergency Plumber

Although we rarely think of it that way, the modern plumbing system is one of the greatest inventions of all time. We all depend on having ready access to clean water in our toilets, baths, sinks, kitchens, and showers to the point where it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

Despite its many advantages, our plumbing systems can be a source of headaches as well. As anyone who has ever dealt with a leaky dishwasher or an overflowing toilet will tell you, plumbing malfunctions can really disrupt your day, damage your belongings, and even endanger your health and safety.

Calling in emergency plumbing services in San Diego is an easy and effective way to solve this problem. But how can you tell when the plumbing problem is serious enough to warrant calling in emergency plumbers? That’s what we’ll be discussing in the following article. Read on. 

How do you know if you have plumbing problems?

Plumbing issues are notoriously unpredictable, especially if you have old pipes. They often seem easy to fix, only to end up with you knee-deep in water that’s apparently coming from nowhere. 

Common signs that something isn’t quite right include:

  • You’re not getting any water
  • You hear knocking from the pipes
  • The water heater is “sweating”
  • Your sink is slow to drain
  • Burst pipes
  • There’s dampness in your basement
  • Your shower or sink keeps dripping
  • You’re not getting any hot water
  • Drainage is slow
  • Your toilet is gurgling up water
  • Your water has an unusual color
  • You don’t have any water pressure
  • There’s severe backflow 

When should you call an emergency plumber?

It goes without saying that you should get a plumber involved ASAP if there’s flooding in your home, a pipe that has burst or is leaking, your toilet is overflowing, or your drain is backing up.

Here are 3 less-obvious signs you need emergency plumbing services:

1. There’s no water

If no water is coming out of your faucets or showers, or there’s only a drip, ask your neighbors if they have the same problem. If they do, it’s probably not an issue that’s limited to your house, so make sure to notify the authorities about it.

However, if only your home doesn’t have water, you should get professional help immediately. This is a huge sign that you’re dealing with severe malfunctions such as major leaks, backups, frozen pipes, water main problems, and more. 

2. Sewage odors

If your water has an unpleasant smell, that’s a sign that your septic system, sump pump, or other plumbing could be faulty. To avoid a potentially catastrophic sewage backup, call in an emergency plumber and refrain from using your sinks, showers, or toilets until the issue has been solved. 

3. Leaky water heater

If you spot a leak on your water heater, check its drip pan. If it’s empty, you can call a regular plumber. If there’s water in the drip pan, shut off the cold water line immediately, then turn off the water to your home, switch off the heater itself, and finally contact an emergency plumbing service. 

Where can I find the most reliable emergency plumbing services in San Diego?

When should you call an emergency plumber

Plumbing emergencies can result in costly repairs and serious property damage. For this reason, a reputable water remediation and restoration company such as Risk Free Serv should be called in as quickly as possible to deal with the problem. 

Our emergency plumbing specialists are available 24/7 in all areas of San Diego. They will arrive at your location in less than an hour regardless of whether you’re located in Palm City or at the very heart of Downtown San Diego. Get in touch with us today.

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