What are the signs of sewage backup

6 Signs of Sewage Backup

Sewer backups are indeed one hell of a messy thing to cope with. It is filthy and it can potentially do serious harm to you, your family, and home. Once you notice the first signs of sewage backup in your home, it is best to immediately start the remediation process.

In these situations, scheduling sewage removal services is highly advisable to ensure that this problem is properly resolved and your home in San Diego protected. Nonetheless, well-informed homeowners can prevent much bigger problems if they pay attention and know how dangerous sewage backup is.

What are the signs of sewage backup?

There are several warning signs that may indicate you have a sewage problem in your home.

  1. Unpleasant smell

This is most likely one of the first indications of the problem. It is detectable right after you have cleaned your bathroom and instead of a fresh scent, you get something completely different. Properly working sewer system should never smell bad. If an unpleasant smell does not go away, it is a good hint that your pipes need to be inspected. You should know how dangerous backed up sewage is. Call your plumber right away.

  1. Slow drains

If your sink occasionally drains slowly, you could try some chemical drain cleaners. Many homeowners do so, but keep in mind that you should avoid using them too frequently. Do not repeat the same process if it doesn’t work the first time and make sure to consult with your plumber on the type of cleaner you can use. 

  1. Water backing up or overflowing

When clear or discolored water backs up in your bathtub, it is just a matter of time before the same problem arises in other sinks. As it is one of the lowest fixtures in the home, they usually start exhibiting this type of problem first, indicating that you may have some kind of clogging in the sewer system.

Additionally, toilet backup is also a possible issue in this case. To avoid clogging your toilet, make sure not to flush inappropriate items. If an overflow occurs, one of the best ways to clean up sewage backup is to leave it to the pros, so you should give them a call.

  1. Mold

This sign is a delicate one, yet it can be detected early. It is not common thought to connect mold and sewer pipelines. However, when your pipes get cracked behind walls, they create a fertile and convenient place for mold. It can potentially be very hazardous, even in small patches. Combined with sewer leakage it can rapidly grow harmful bacteria that is not suitable for children. 

  1. Strange noises

Another common sign of sewage backup are unusual noises coming from different drains and fixtures. Bubbling, gurgling, or pitched-down whisper may come through your sink or toilet. This typically happens because water can not go where it should go and the air gets trapped somewhere down the pipes. If you notice these sorts of problems, you can act in a timely manner to prevent significant damage.

  1. Insects

Presence of certain insects may also indicate that there’s a problem with your sewage. Cockroaches could be just one of the insects residing in your drain cracks. This can cause a huge problem as insects can multiply rapidly, which may further cause drainage problems and health issues. It is enough for just one pipe to be filled with insects and the whole sewer system will shut down.

Who offers expert sewage removal services across San Diego?

Plumbing issues such as sewage backups require professional help and timely response, which is why you should reach out to the pros. While you are enjoying outstanding performances of actors in Old Globe Theatre, a competent team of plumbers can handle your sewage backup problems. 

Here at Risk Free Serv, you can find certified professionals in San Diego who would be more than happy to help you. Any kind of water or fire damage restoration, as well as mold remediation is not a problem for us. We can also assist you with cleaning and sanitizing after a sewage backup. Call us today and schedule your service!

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