Which 24hr San Diego, CA, water damage pro can I call in case of an emergency

5 Facts About Water Damage Every Homeowner Should Know

Water damage can be caused by a minor leak or battered pipes which results in flooding. There are several negative effects of water damage that homeowners should be aware of. Learning about them can help you prevent or minimize the loss in most cases.

Since risk assessment is very complex, people often count on a trustworthy 24hr San Diego, CA water damage pro for help. The following article outlines the top 5 reasons why you should ask experts for assistance.

What is the biggest concern about water damage?

Water damage poses a risk to your health, property, and finance. Here is a comprehensive list of the problems that it can cause:

1. Water waste

According to recent research, 10% of households with leaks waste 90 gallons of water per day, which equals 270 loads of laundry, 600 showers, and 1200 loads of dishes to name a few. This can significantly increase your water bill while also being bad for the environment.

2. Health risks

There are a lot of health problems that water damage can cause. Mold and mildew tend to form in moist areas, and if exposed to them you can experience allergies, coughing, difficulty with breathing, headache and fatigue. Since water is an excellent conductor of electricity it puts you at risk of electrocution, which can cause serious injuries, bodily damage, and even death.

Water damage can also lead to chemical hazards. Depending on the place of leakage water can be contaminated with toxic chemicals. This is usually the case with flood residue, but water from sewer overflow can be equally harmful.

3. Different contamination levels

There are three main categories of water damage: white, gray, and black. Some of them like white water come from clean sources whereas others like gray and black water can be highly contaminated. Different measures of sanitation need to be taken according to the type of contamination.

4. High costs of sanitation

Water damage affects parts of a property in different ways. While you may be able to salvage concrete and hard surfaces, building foundations can slowly deteriorate and become damaged. Carpets and furniture get wet and begin to stain and leach. Wood absorbs water and tends to swell, which means you’ll have to replace carpets, furniture. Since tiles can be contaminated you should replace them and repaint the ceiling.

You can also count on the costs of mold and mildew removal. Mold can develop within 24 to 48 hours, which is why you should take care of moisture, humidity and excess water immediately.

5. Insurance issues

Not all insurance policies cover sudden water damage, and some of them don’t reimburse the costs of flood sanitation. That’s why you should get informed about what the water damage insurance implies. Regardless of the policy that you choose, it’s better to check for leaks regularly than to deal with the effects of water damage after it occurs.

What is the biggest concern about water damage

Which 24hr San Diego, CA, water damage pro can I call in case of an emergency?

No matter how cautious you are, things can always go wrong. In case of an emergency, don’t hesitate to turn to Risk Free Serv to provide assistance. We can deal with any situation from wholesale flooding, to bursting pipes, to leaking faucets. Our vetted experts offer comprehensive water damage restoration, leak detection, and mold remediation.

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