What can water damage lead to

5 Long-Term Effects of Water Damage

Some homeowners in La Jolla, CA don’t get too worried when they notice water damage in their homes. Nothing you can’t deal with with a mop and a few towels, right? Unfortunately, addressing the harm is much harder if you don’t take care of the underlying cause. 

You may experience long-term effects of this issue, which can be particularly troublesome. But what exactly are these long-term effects of moisture exposure? You’re about to find out.

What can water damage lead to? 

Unless you tackle your flooding problems properly, you may notice mold growth. This might be the most frequent long-term consequence of moisture in your home. And if the mold has been sitting in your house for a while, the risk of health problems is much higher.

Health problems 

You think of your home as a sanctuary, where you’re least likely to catch a bug. Unfortunately, your home is no longer as safe if it has extensive, lingering moisture. It can trigger mold growth, which results in a number of health issues:

  • Coughing 
  • Sneezing 
  • Asthma 
  • Headaches 
  • Skin irritation 

The longer you leave the problem unchecked, the higher the risk of more serious conditions is.

Structural weakness 

Moisture and walls don’t mesh. On the contrary, mold and moisture can wreak havoc on your walls, ceilings, drywall, and other structures if it sits in your home for a while. It weakens these sections, making them more prone to cracks, bulging, and collapsing. 

To make matters worse, moisture can affect the most important parts of your house, including the roof and foundation. If so, it compromises support beams and other components holding your property together. Living in such a home is unsafe, to say the least. 

Property consequences

Decreased structural integrity isn’t the only type of issue you may face when dealing with moisture and mold. These problems can also affect your personal possessions, such as family pictures, jewelry, watches, and electronics. 

Your furniture is at risk, as this issue can affect everything including couches, sofas, carpets, pillows, chairs, and tables 

Unless you nip the problem in the bud, you might need to invest thousands of dollars to replace or repair these items. 

Greater risk of fire 

The number one rule about moisture safety is that it shouldn’t be near outlets. However, there’s not much you can do if the moisture spreads to your electrical connections. This can easily happen with lingering moisture. Droplets can reach these sensitive areas, increasing the risk of hazards. 


Insects like mosquitos, fleas, and ticks tend to swarm moist and warm areas. A moist and mold-affected home fits this category perfectly. Apart from carrying all sorts of diseases, they can even eat away at various wooden parts of your house. 

la jolla ca water damage

How do you avoid these long-term effects of La Jolla, CA, water damage? You bring in professionals! 

Even if you’re not dealing with a severe case of flooding, addressing the consequences on your own is ill-advised. Without proper equipment and industry knowledge, the job can take too long. This will make it more difficult to relax, meaning you’ll likely have to postpone any plans, from your visit to Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve to grocery shopping. Even worse, you may do more harm than good to your La Jolla property and endanger your well-being. 

None of this is an issue when you work with Risk Free Serv. Our trained specialists have all it takes to address the source of the problem and help keep you safe from mold-induced illnesses. Just give us a call whenever you notice a sign of moisture, and we’ll be at your doorstep in no time. 

Schedule our services at any time of the day! We guarantee the utmost professionalism and attention to detail.

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