what is a slab leak and what indicates its occurrence

4 Must-Know Facts About Slab Leaks

Most common leaks at home happen in areas which are relatively easy to reach. On the other hand, there are leaks that are hard to detect, which is why you should know some essential facts about slab leaks in order to prevent them or sanitize them.   

Since the problem of slab leaks is very complex, a lot of residents of San Diego, CA rely on professional emergency slab leak detection. This article lays out basic facts about slab leaks that every homeowner must be familiar with.

What is a slab leak and what indicates its occurrence?

Slab leaks develop in the water pipes beneath the concrete foundation of your home, which means that they are in the area that’s hard to reach. Although their detection is very difficult there are some red flags that can indicate their existence:

1. Warm spots on the floor

You may not have the equipment or the knowhow that plumbers use to detect slab leaks, but you can pay attention to some warning signs like warm spots on the floor. They occur when the hot water line in your home has a leak. If you have a carpet or linoleum floor they are easier to spot, whereas when it comes to tile floors the leakage can be detected only if it causes the water to flow into the space between the adhesive and the tiles.   

2. Raised area in the floor

Severe and long lasting leaks can damage your flooring and create warps in the shape of the floor. The result of this is the formation of a “dome” or a raised area in the floor. If you notice this phenomenon don’t hesitate to call a plumber immediately, as ignoring slab leaks can cause serious damage to your property and this particular sign indicates the deterioration of the foundation. Slab leaks need to be treated by a professional and as soon as they occur. 

3. Foundation heaving

Foundation heaving is the swelling of the foundation to an extreme degree due to a slab leak. This can cause the building to slightly lift. If this shift in foundation is sudden and significant it can lead to the formation of cracks on the interior and exterior walls. Since these cracks can also be caused by the settling in of the building’s foundation, you should call an expert to check why the cracks have surfaced.  

4. Water bill increase

Leaks in general cause greater water consumption. If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill without the increase in the basic cost of service or use of water by your family, this means that you should call a plumber to have a look at your pipes. 

Where are slab leaks the most common?

While the frequency of slab leaks varies from region to region, there are some areas in which they are more common like California. One of the main causes of slab leaks in homes in California are the earthquakes and the tremendous pressure that ground shifting puts on pipes, which makes them more likely to shear or crack. Copper pipes that are common in older homes are prone to corrosion which makes them more vulnerable to slab leaks. 

Where are slab leaks the most common

Where in San Diego, CA can I find reliable emergency slab leak detection?

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