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Reacting After the Flood: An In-Depth Guide

A flood can come out of the blue, and once it does, most people don’t know what to do because they’ve never dealt with this kind of emergency. If this happens to you, the most important thing you can do is to stay calm and do a few things that will minimize the damage to your property until the experts in flood damage repair in Rancho Bernardo arrive. 

From shutting off the main water supply to wearing safety gear, there are many things you should do immediately after the incident to reduce the effect the flood will have on your home. Keep reading to learn more!

What should I do immediately after flood damage?

Whether the flood was caused by a major plumbing problem, a leaky roof, or a natural disaster, here’s how you should respond to the incident:

Wear safety equipment

Floods often carry lots of contaminants, which is why you should wear gloves before you touch any affected surface. Consider a mask, too, especially if you can smell mold. Most importantly, don’t forget to put on rubber boots to prevent electrocution.

Turn off the main water supply

If the flood was caused by a plumbing issue or you don’t know where it came from, the first thing you need to do is to shut off the main water supply. You can do this by turning the valve on your water meter. This will stop the water from surging further into your house.

Shut down power

Water and electricity don’t go hand in hand. That’s why you should shut down power as soon as possible, which will reduce the risk of electrocution. Also, if you notice exposed wiring or any other potential hazard with your grid, contact an electrician.

Contact your insurance company

Depending on your policy, your homeowner’s insurance might cover your flood damage. Here are the most common scenarios where you may receive coverage:

  • Heavy rainfall
  • Extreme storms and hurricanes
  • Overflowing body of water

So, contact your insurance company before any repairs. They may send an adjuster to assess the damage and determine if you’re eligible for coverage.

Hire a professional repair team

You might want to fix your flood-damaged home on your own to save money, but this can be a costly mistake. The risk of injury goes through the roof if you’ve never done this before, and the damage may spread if you don’t contain it properly.

That’s why you should contact a professional provider of flood damage restoration. They know how to dry various surfaces and remove affected materials safely, thanks to years of experience in repairing flood damage. Not only that, but they’ll also prevent mold from spreading using high-quality dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and other powerful tools.

What should I do immediately after flood damage

What needs to be removed after a flood? 

Some materials and surfaces are usually unsalvageable when wet, so be sure to remove these rather than try to repair them: 

  • Floorboards (in severe cases) 
  • Drywall 
  • Cardboard 
  • HVAC ducts 
  • Insulation 
  • Upholstery 

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