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How Floods Affect Your Home’s Structural Integrity

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when dealing with the aftereffects of a flood is postponing flood damage repair. Failing to react promptly can easily cause your home in San Diego, CA, or beyond to suffer additional structural damages that may or may not be possible to fix at a later date.

But what kind of structural damage are we talking about, exactly, and how does it manifest? This is what we’ll be discussing in the following article. Read on to learn more.

What structural damage is caused by floods?

The first thing on your mind when dealing with flood damage should be how to mitigate all the harmful effects associated with it. If you react quickly after the flood starts, you’ll be on the right track to preventing the following types of structural problems: 

Foundation cracks 

The foundation is the most important part of your house, acting as a solid base that makes the property durable and long-lasting. However, a foundation can no longer do its job if it’s soaked. Severe flooding can shift the surrounding soil, which often leads to cracks.

Even the smallest foundation crack can spell trouble for your home. Left unchecked, it allows more water to seep into the place, bring about a mold infestation, and trigger serious health problems. 

Warped floors 

Most of your floors are probably made of wood, which simply can’t stand up to flooding. With prolonged exposure, the material starts absorbing the water, causing it to crack, warp, and swell. 

It can be even worse if you have carpets. Modern carpeting dries relatively quickly after a flood, which is why you might not even notice that the floor underneath is damaged beyond repair. 

Sagging walls and ceilings 

Walls and ceilings are made of porous materials that don’t tolerate water. Depending on the scale of the flood, you may notice sagging, swelling, or warped areas. In some cases, walls and ceilings can cave in or sink, both of which are major structural issues. 

Destroyed furniture 

Like floors, most doors, wardrobes, and cabinets are made of wood. They look amazing, but they’re highly susceptible to water damage. If any part of your wooden furniture is exposed, it’ll lose its natural beauty and function. Metal items aren’t immune to flooding either. The longer they remain soaked, the more likely they are to rust.

Electrical damage 

As water travels through ceilings and walls, it can reach different parts of your electrical network. If this happens, flickering lights will be the least of your concerns. An electrical fire can break out and spread to the rest of your house, making your fast response all the more important.

What structural damage is caused by floods

Looking for comprehensive flood damage repair in San Diego, CA?

Large-scale structural issues are a threat that comes with any flood, but there’s a way to avoid them. All you need to do is contact Risk Free Serv as soon as you notice the first signs of flooding. 

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll use next-level skills and tools to address the problem and keep water from causing further harm. Whether the flood was caused by a burst pipe or bad weatherstripping, we’ll go the extra mile to fix every soaked material and help return your home to its former condition.

With us by your side, you’ll quickly say goodbye to your flood-related problems and enjoy the fresh air at Chollas Lake Park in peace. Book our services today and receive the finest remediation in San Diego and beyond!

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