What damage can sewer backup cause to commercial buildings

3 Risk Factors Behind the Sewer Backup of Commercial Buildings

When people renovate their office or apartment they rarely pay attention to the sewer. Old and clogged pipes can cause an accident that has a detrimental effect. That is why it is important to keep your draining system up and running at all times.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the increasing number of people in San Diego, CA, relies on the help of a reputable commercial sewage removal company. This article deals with the scope of damage that sewer backup can cause in commercial buildings. Let’s learn how to exercise some damage control!

What damage can sewer backup cause to commercial buildings?

Drainage system overflows can cause an array of problems and the sanitation can be very costly. Here are some of the perils to look out for:

1. Health risks

While you may not always be able to spot that the sewer is backing up in time, you should take action to minimize the damage in case of an emergency. If the draining system collapses, it can pose a serious threat to your health.

When the toilet overflows the water filled with fecal material and bacteria and viruses can expose people to sanitary hazards. As a result, people can contract various infectious and respiratory illnesses.

Damp toilets are prone to mold which can create great health hazards and should be removed immediately. You can spray a hydrogen peroxide solution on contaminated surfaces, let it kick in for ten minutes, and scrub the mold away. Make sure to use protective gloves and a hand sanitizer after removing the mold to prevent infection.

2. Destruction of personal property

One of the reasons for sewage line backups are battered pipes. If you don’t provide regular maintenance and replace the pipes in a timely manner, the sanitation costs will escalate. You will need to clean the office thoroughly, disinfect it and probably renovate it.

The renovation of your office can include the replacement of laminate or parquet and carpets since they can be easily destroyed when they are soaked in water. You will probably need to change the tiles and the majority of furniture.

You should repaint the office on top of that. That’s why it pays off to invest in the upkeep of the draining system, as it is definitely less costly than office remodeling.

3. Electrical malfunction

Water and electricity are a lethal combination, which is why you should unplug all the electrical devices in case of sewer backup or water leakage to eliminate the risk of electrocution. In case of some extreme weather conditions like rainstorm draining system blockage can escalate and cause flooding. If that happens you should leave the premises immediately.

It’s advisable to keep the sensitive files and their backup in a waterproof container. That way you will save the data even if your computers malfunction because they were in touch with the dirty water.

Where in San Diego, CA, can I find a reliable commercial sewage removal company

Where in San Diego, CA, can I find a reliable commercial sewage removal company?

While accidents can always happen, there are ways to prevent extensive damage caused by sewer backup. If you want to avoid a potential disaster with the help of experts, you need to look no further than Risk Free Serv. 

Our experienced specialists will deal with any crisis caused by the clogging of your draining system. The cutting-edge equipment that we use enables us to minimize the damage caused by the spillage and keep contamination under control. 

There is no need to despair. You can let your hair down and explore Little Italy while we restore your property’s original state. Call us today and leave everything else to us!

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