Which commercial sewage removal company can I count on in San Diego, CA

5 Indicators of Sewer Backup on Commercial Properties

Sometimes it can be hard to detect that the sewer is backing up in commercial buildings simply because people don’t spend the whole day in the office. If you want to reduce the risk of drain blockage you should pay attention to the signals outlined in this article.   

However, even if you notice that your drains are blocked, you shouldn’t unclog them yourself.  Instead, you can make a smart choice and turn to a renowned commercial sewage removal company in San Diego, CA, for help. Continue reading to find out when you should make the call!

How do you know if sewer is backing up in commercial property?

There are numerous reasons why sewage backup occurs. While we can’t predict the blockage in every situation, it is important to identify some of the most common indicators of problems with the draining system. Here are some of them:

1. Unpleasant smells

If you detect the stench of rotten eggs or the mixture of garbage and sewage water, your draining system is most likely clogged. You should deal with this problem immediately, as exposure to toxic matter that evaporates can cause various health problems like asthma, shortness of breath and bacterial or viral infections.

2. Simultaneous blocking of several drains

If multiple drains are clogged at the same time, this indicates that the sewer is backing up. Slow draining pipes can also signal the blockage. If the water in the washbasin, sink or tub is draining slowly, this means that you should act quickly to prevent sewage backup

One way to mitigate the damage that can be caused by sewer backup is to pour some boiling water down the drain. Next, you should pour a cup of baking soda and one cup of water and vinegar solution and cover the drain with a plug for 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, pour another cup of boiling water.

3. Toilet overflowing

This indicator of drain clog is the most obvious and easiest to detect. On top of putting you at great inconvenience, the fecal material that gets out with the overflowing water can pose a threat to your health, whereas the moisture can create a suitable environment for mold.

4. Strange noise

While it is hard to hear anything in a busy office, you should pay attention to the bathroom and kitchen and check if there are any unusual noises. When pipes are clogged they produce a gurgling or bubbling sound and if you hear anything like this call a plumber immediately.   

5. Use of one fixture causes the backup of other fixtures

This problem can be noticed most easily in the bathroom. If your toilet starts to overflow or the washbasin gets clogged when you use the tub that indicates that your draining system is in jeopardy. Since pipes are connected if one of them is congested the others will be affected, too.

In order to minimize drain blockage you should restrain yourself from flushing diapers, wet wipes and similar waste down the toilet because it can’t dissolve properly. This creates the inner layer of dirt around the pipes and eventually leads to their clogging.

How do you know if sewer is backing up in commercial property

Which commercial sewage removal company can I count on in San Diego, CA?

Although it’s hard to see all of the above mentioned indicators, if you notice any changes don’t hesitate to call Risk Free Serv to come to the rescue. Our seasoned professionals will provide thorough inspection of your office, carry out regular maintenance and restore your property completely in case of a hazard. 

You can watch the sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view of San Diego’s skyline at Point Loma while we whip your sewage system into shape. Book an appointment today!

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