What is considered severe mold

Mold Infestations: Why Acting Early Is Essential

Mold frequently appears in damp areas or areas that have suffered water damage. Unfortunately, homeowners often ignore the first signs of a mold infestation, thinking that a few green spots here and there can’t do much harm. 

The reality is that even a small amount of mold warrants calling in a mold damage restoration service in Kearny Mesa, CA. In this article, we’ll explain why that is the case and why dealing with mold quickly is essential. Read on to learn more.

What is considered severe mold?

Before you understand the most serious consequences of mold growth, you should first learn what’s considered severe mold. Here are some of the most hazardous types of mold that can appear in your home:

1. Stachybotrys 

Stachybotrys (aka black mold) is a dangerous fungus that typically grows on cellulose-based materials, such as gypsum board and cardboard. Surfaces that have been exposed to moisture for a while (a few days) are more susceptible to stachybotrys than those that have been wet for a couple of hours or less. Besides cellulose, mold can also affect ceiling tiles and wood.

2. Aspergillus 

Aspergillus molds are one of the largest mold groups, with approximately 200 species. This fungus is generally yellow-greenish and normally grows indoors, especially under window-mounted air conditioners.

3. Penicillium 

Penicillium is commonly found in the soil and air, where it makes perishable foods spoil and increases overall moisture levels. If they make their way indoors, they latch onto floors, carpets, wallpapers, and walls. The fungi can cause many health problems, including asthma, and are generally green, white, yellow, or a combination of the three colors.

4. Fusarium

If you have a severe respiratory condition or an allergic reaction and can’t determine the culprit, the fusarium mold might be lurking on various fabrics and carpets. It’s usually orange and doesn’t need high temperatures to thrive. 

5. Cladosporium 

Another common form of severe mold is cladosporium. It can appear in a wide array of colors, including black, gray, brown, and green. There are about 40 species in this group, all of which grow on wet carpets, painted walls, and wooden surfaces. If ignored, it can weaken the structural elements of your home and cause pulmonary edema.

What is the most dangerous form of mold?

Out of these five forms of mold, the first one, Stachybotrys, is also the most dangerous. That’s because it releases mycotoxins, which can cause severe respiratory infections, especially if you have a compromised immune system or are allergic to mold. 

Besides having many adverse effects on your health and house, it’s also among the worst types of water damage because it won’t go away without in-depth remediation. Since the problem won’t resolve itself, you shouldn’t postpone a professional mold removal service for a second longer. 

professional mold damage restoration service in kearny mesa ca

What’s the best mold damage restoration service in Kearny Mesa, CA? 

Acting fast is the most effective way to deal with mold in any Kearny Mesa property. But you also want to act properly by bringing in a top-rated mold restoration company that can return your home to its former condition. 

Look no further than Risk Free Serv. We take great pride in our quick response, which is essential when addressing severe infestations. Not only that, but we also have the finest equipment and unrivaled attention to detail, so no surface remains affected. Book your appointment today!

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