What does severe water damage look like

5 Worst Types of Water Damage

A leaky faucet and running toilet are common sights in many households. If you notice these or any other seemingly minor plumbing issues, you may think there’s no need to schedule reliable water damage restoration in Kearny Mesa, CA, just yet.

Unfortunately, the problem can quickly escalate if you don’t react on time. It can lead to severe types of water damage that require urgent attention and professional remediation. To give you a better understanding of what happens if you ignore plumbing issues, we’ll list the 5 worst kinds of water damage. Keep reading!

What does severe water damage look like?

Here are 5 of the most severe instances of water damage: 

1. Mold

It doesn’t take long for mold to grow in moist environments. In most cases, it affects a wet surface just 24-48 hours after the incident (e.g., leaky roof, burst pipe, or foundation leaks). Not only does it smell rancid, but it also weakens the area it contaminates, which can compromise the structural integrity of your house.

Another reason mold is such an inconvenience is that it won’t go away on its own. In fact, the longer you ignore it, the worse it gets. Before you know it, you may see black mold on drywall on the ceiling, which can result in various health issues. You need to address the infestation as soon as possible to stay safe.

2. Wet drywall

Your drywall plays a pivotal role in the comfort and safety of your home. It lets you add insulation to maintain optimal indoor temperatures and helps mute unwanted sounds. But this doesn’t apply to wet drywall. It gets soft and often disintegrates. Plus, it can invite even more mold and mildew.

3. Slab leaks

If your foundation is a concrete slab, water damage is always a risk, especially during the rainy season. Tree roots can also poke holes through the slab, allowing moisture from the soil to enter your house.

Once it seeps in, it can quickly spread to the rest of the property by affecting the surrounding walls, doors, and windows. Left uncontested, this type of water damage can make the foundation shift and collapse.

4. Black water build-up

Black water is water that contains potentially hazardous substances, such as soil and human waste. It flows through your sewage pipes, but what if these pipes are in poor shape? If they leak or outright burst, nothing stands in the way of black water contaminating your place.

In this case, soaked carpeting is the least of your concerns. Black water is a major health hazard, as it often contains toxic gasses. The sooner you hire experts to get rid of it, the lower the risk of catching an illness.

5. Water-damaged window sills

Like drywall, sills play a key role in terms of insulating your house, but only if they’re dry. Water-damaged sills can no longer keep indoor air inside and outdoor air outside. This requires your HVAC to work overtime, skyrocketing your energy bills.

expert water damage restoration in kearny mesa ca

Need expert water damage restoration in Kearny Mesa, CA?

There’s nothing worse than coming home from work and discovering waterlogged carpets or moldy floors. Thankfully, there’s a way out, even if the situation in your Kearny Mesa home seems dire. All you need to do is hire a trusted water damage restoration expert.

That’s where Risk Free Serv comes in. Give us a call, and we’ll dispatch trained IICRC-certified professionals who’ll go the extra mile to return your property to its former condition. We have robust equipment and industry-leading skills that enable us to fix the problem safely and efficiently. Give us a call today!

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