Why is it called plumbing

6 Strange & Interesting Facts About Plumbing

Plumbing is one of those things we rarely think about unless we have a faulty boiler or a burst pipe that requires us to immediately call in an emergency plumber in San Diego. And yet, plumbing is a lot more interesting than most people think.

In previous articles, we discussed the incredible history of plumbing and explained how professional plumbers detect and fix water leaks. Now we’ll show you that plumbing can be fun as well by taking a look at 6 fun and incredible facts about plumbing. Read on.

Why is it called plumbing?

The term “plumbing” comes from the Latin word “plumbum”, which means lead. This is because the first truly effective plumbing pipes were made of lead. The term is also used to describe the supply and waste system of a building, and set it apart from the sewage systems and water supply that serve a larger area.

Like many Latin words, “plumbum” eventually made its way into the English language and became its own specialized term.

What’s interesting about plumbing?

Plumbing has been around in one form or another for a very long time. So it’s no surprise that it has accumulated its own set of crazy myths and even had an effect on popular culture.

Here are 6 cool facts about plumbing you probably didn’t know:

1. It’s older than you think

Many people think plumbing is a decidedly modern invention, or they may believe it was invented by the ancient Romans. While it’s true that huge leaps were made in plumbing technology during the Roman era, the earliest examples of standardized plumbing are actually 5000 years old. They were found in the Indus River Valley, and consisted of earthen pipes that transported water and drained waste from the local cities.

2. Toilets in the Southern Hemisphere aren’t actually different

There’s a myth that toilet water in the Southern Hemisphere flows the opposite direction when flushed. This isn’t true, as water can flow in either direction in either hemisphere.

3. The world’s most famous plumber doesn’t exist

By far the most well-known plumber in the world isn’t actually real. His name is Mario, and he’s the main character of the popular Super Mario video game series. It’s safe to say that his brother, Luigi, is the second most popular.

4. There’s a 2000 year old toilet in China

It’s widely accepted that this is the very oldest toilet in the world to still be in one piece.

5. Dripping faucets are a huge problem

A faucet that drips twice per minute is nothing to stress about, right? Wrong! A single leaky faucet that drips two times per minute will waste more than a gallon of water in just one week. This can significantly affect your utility bills, not to mention seriously damage your plumbing system. If you have dripping faucets, get them fixed ASAP!

6. Falling off of a toilet can be deadly

King George II of Great Britain perished in 1760 as a result of a toilet-related accident. Apparently, he fell off of a toilet to his death.

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What's interesting about plumbing

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