What are some major plumbing problems

5 Major Plumbing Problems to Look Out For

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the American way of life wouldn’t be possible – or at least would be a lot less comfortable – without the modern plumbing systems we’ve come to rely on. Properly maintaining the plumbing system in your home and promptly identifying and addressing major malfunctions is therefore key to ensure your comfort and safety.

We have previously written about the long and strange history of plumbing, listed some curious facts about plumbing, and gave you time-tested tips on how to deal with water leaks. Now we’ll show you how to detect 5 serious plumbing issues that can force you to call in an emergency 24-hour plumbing service in San Diego. Read on.

What are some major plumbing problems?

Plumbing systems can fail for a variety of reasons, many of which seem innocuous or are very difficult to spot before they occur. Being vigilant is therefore necessary to prevent costly repairs and protect your and your loved ones’ health.

Here are 5 severe plumbing issues to look out for:

1. Sewer odor

Keeping sewer gas out of our living space is just one of the many benefits we’ve come to expect from modern homes. The vents channel sewer gas out through the roof, while drain traps in our plumbing system prevent sewer smells from drifting up through the sink drain.

If sewer odors are making their way into your home, you’re probably dealing with a cracked vent line or a damaged drain trap. On top of being unpleasant, this can introduce dangerous bacteria into your home and may even lead to sewer backup, so it should be addressed by an experienced plumber immediately.

2. Leaking or burst pipes

Pipes can burst or start leaking for various reasons, including connections that have come undone, accidental damage, and regular wear and tear. Since many pipes are located inside walls, homeowners should always be on the lookout for the signs of a leak or burst.

If you notice wet spots on your walls or floor, bubbling ceiling or wall paint, or smell dampness or rot, call in emergency plumbers ASAP.

3. Overly tightened faucet handles

When turning off the faucet, refrain from cranking the handle all the way into the off position. Doing so places unnecessary wear on the washers, and causes them to start leaking and last less than they should. Apart from damaging your faucets, this can lead to severe leaks and unnecessary expenses via increased utility bills.

4. Lush area in the yard

Is one part of your yard considerably more green and lush than the areas around it? This is a frequent sign of a sewer problem, especially if it occurs in the area between the street and your home. This is not only an indication of a major plumbing issue, but may even result in parts of your yard becoming sunken and deformed.

5. Cloudy tap water

The water coming out of your taps should be clear. If it’s not, that’s a sign of a serious problem such as rust in the pipes, extensive corrosion, and more. If the water coming out of your taps is yellow or brown, you should have it looked at as soon as possible to prevent even more severe malfunctions from occurring.

Who provides professional 24-hour plumbing services in San Diego?

Who provides professional 24-hour plumbing services in San Diego

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