How to Protect Your Pets from Mold

How to Protect Your Pets from Mold

Mold is a major problem in many households across North Park, CA, and the surrounding area. Professional water damage restoration can easily solve this problem – if you detect the infestation on time. Unfortunately, homeowners are often unaware that they even have mold at their property until their families start exhibiting symptoms of mold poisoning.

To make matters worse, mold can be a major threat to your pets as well. In the following article, we’ll explain how pets react to mold in their living environment and how you can detox your furry friends who have been exposed to mold. Read on to learn more.

Can mold affect pets? 

As previously discussed, your priority is to eliminate the source of the contamination to protect your children from the harmful effects of mold. This also helps keep your home safe from electrical fires that can be caused by the same water damage that may have caused the mold infestation.

Don’t forget about your pets too. Their well-being is yet another reason to get rid of mold in your house. Otherwise, mold can affect them in a number of ways: 

  • Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other signs of breathing difficulties 
  • Lethargy 
  • Nasal discharge 
  • Bleeding from the mouth or nose

How do you detox pets from mold exposure?

Although the effects of mold exposure can be severe, there are a few ways to alleviate or prevent the consequences altogether: 

1. Hire a mold remediation service 

When dealing with mold, why not bring out the big guns from the get-go? A professional mold remediation service knows the ins and outs of everything mold-related: 

  • The most common hiding places (e.g., behind the walls, attic, basement) 
  • How long it takes the spores to spread 
  • Tools required for the remediation 

In-depth cleaning is guaranteed with every service. Once experts arrive, they’ll inspect your home from top to bottom to discover even the tiniest infestation. From there, they’ll utilize comprehensive methods to remove mold and provide near-instant relief for you and your pets. 

2. Address the underlying source of mold 

Mold doesn’t grow on its own. It requires special conditions, such as lots of moisture and dark areas. Many scenarios can turn your house into a breeding ground for the fungus: 

  • Slab foundation cracks 
  • Poor window and door weatherstripping 
  • Missing roof shingles 
  • Holes in the attic 
  • Plumbing leaks in the bathroom 

The key to preventing mold from returning and causing more trouble for your pets is to address the source. Depending on your situation, you may need to repair the foundation or roof, which can take a while. In the meantime, schedule mold remediation to help improve your pet’s well-being. 

3. Ensure proper ventilation 

Poor ventilation also contributes to mold growth. If you have this problem, you might not be doing a good job of directing moisture from your stoves or clothes dryers outside your house. 

To tackle this, invest in a high-quality air conditioner. It should help reduce humidity, especially in hotter months. Just make sure to check the AC for clogs and leaks since they can cause mold too. 

Can mold affect pets

Who in North Park, CA, provides reliable water damage restoration?

Your first reaction after discovering your pets are suffering from mold-related conditions should be to hire a reputable restoration service. Every other intervention is complementary. The sooner you bring in professionals, the faster your little ones will be back on their feet and frolicking on the freshly trimmed grass at Balboa Park.

That’s exactly what Risk Free Serv can provide. With years of experience in containing mold, we have all it takes to address the contamination and make your North Park home safer. We’re also available 24/7, so rest assured, knowing we can take care of your problem at any time of the day. Give us a call and let us remedy your mold troubles.

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