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How Can I Repair My Water-Damaged Wood Floor?

In the event of a plumbing emergency, you need to think on your feet and act fast to prevent lasting damage and further complications like mold and bacteria growth. This is particularly important if you’re dealing with category 2 or 3 water damage that may contain dangerous pathogens and microorganisms that can seriously harm your health. In such situations, it’s best to rely on professionals for help.

Your trusted water damage cleanup company will use advanced diagnostic equipment to check for water damage and estimate the situation. Based on the findings, they will apply proven methods and techniques to dry out the affected areas in your home in San Diego, CA, or the nearby area, slow down and prevent mold growth, and restore your property to its original state.

Let’s find out what to do if your wood flooring gets damaged:

Can water damage wood floors?

Can water damage wood floors

Unfortunately, wood floors can easily get damaged by water. This is mainly due to their absorbent quality, which means that they can soak up a large amount of water quickly and trap it inside. When this happens, your plywood subfloor and floor will start to swell and eventually warp. These are some of the issues that often indicate the presence of moisture or water in your wood flooring:

  • Buckling – it occurs when the floor detaches from the subfloor below it.
  • Cupping – it occurs when the edges of the wet planks curl upward.
  • Discoloration – it may indicate the presence of mold or mildew in the flooring.
  • Odor – similarly to discoloration, a strong musty smell indicates mold in the flooring and subflooring.

Due to the porous nature of wood, even smaller leaks are enough to harm it. So, instead of letting the situation get out of hand, you should contact the experts as soon as possible and have them dry out the property with the use of commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers.

Furthermore, a fast response is a key prerequisite to preventing mold infestation. Wet wood creates ideal conditions for accelerated mold growth, so if left untreated, it will spread fast and affect a much larger area.

How do you fix water-damaged floors?

Fixing your water-damaged floor represents a quite complex procedure that consists of several steps. Your trusted water damage restoration specialist will:

  • Ensure everyone’s safety: If there is a leak in the house, the main power supply must be shut off. Besides, wearing a face mask, gloves, and protective clothes is crucial if you’re dealing with contaminated water to prevent ingesting it in any way.
  • Remove the excess water: Once safe working conditions are established, your restoration team will start removing the excess water from your house with the help of advanced water extractors and similar cutting-edge tools.
  • Identify the cause of the water damage: Repairing water damage without fixing the underlying issue that led to it won’t give you a long-term solution. Instead, your water damage repair specialist will first inspect your property to uncover the cause of the damage and fix it before proceeding to other tasks.
  • Dry out the flooring: After all the water has been removed, the experts will start drying out the floor. They have commercial-grade HEPA filtration systems, fans, and dehumidifiers that will accelerate the entire process significantly.
  • Repair the damaged parts of the flooring: Finally, the restoration work may begin. Your team of experts will apply tried-and-tested water damage repair techniques and utilize cutting-edge equipment to complete the job up to the highest standards.

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How do you fix water-damaged floors

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