How do you fix fire damage

4-Step Guide for Restoring Fire Damage

Once it happens, a fire leaves almost nothing behind and creates a devastating scene. Although it seems like it’s unfixable, calling San Diego’s commercial fire damage repair professionals can help restore the previous state of the building and prevent further damages.

Even when it seems like there’s nothing to restore, you’d be surprised by how much of the original building you can save if you act quickly. We’ve prepared a list of steps and guidelines to show you how professionals restore fire damage and prevent it from happening again. Read on!

How do you fix fire damage?

The best thing you can do after a fire is to call your insurance agency and a fire damage repair service. Refrain from attempting to deal with the problem on your own, as the soot is dangerous for your lungs and the property may be structurally unsound. The main points in restoring the building are:

  • Water mitigation 
  • Cleanup
  • Reconstruction

How do you restore buildings after a fire?

The important thing to remember is that you should act fast after a fire. No matter what caused it, letting soot and water sit on surfaces is a recipe for disaster. Ordinary commercial fire restoration can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months to complete, so starting as soon as possible is a must.

1. Water mitigation

The first thing to do during a restoration is to remove excess water from the property. It’s likely been doused with water to extinguish the flames and the pipes may have melted and flooded the building. 

Drying out the property can take a few days to complete, and this prevents further water damage. This should be thorough, as any lingering moisture can lead to a mold or mildew infestation.

2. Assessing the damage

Once the property is as dry as possible, there needs to be an inspection to estimate the damage. Fire can make concrete walls crack, so every corner needs to be carefully assessed to check if a complete reconstruction of the walls is necessary. 

This includes an evaluation of smoke and flames and what temperatures did the property reach, as well as estimating the duration and cost of the cleanup.

3. Sealing off the exits and unharmed parts of the building

If there are areas that the fire didn’t reach, it’s important to seal them off from the damaged parts, to prevent the spread of post-fire damage. When the roof is exposed, it should also be covered so that the weather doesn’t take a toll on it during the restoration. 

There should be a security perimeter around the building, so no one accidentally enters while it’s still unsafe.

4. Cleanup

The largest part of the restoration is cleaning up everything. It’s recommended to check and clean every inch of the affected area, as even the smallest space can be the breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Professionals also use deodorizers and sanitizers to prevent mold development. They spend most of the time removing soot, debris, and smoke from the holes and hidden places. After the building has been cleaned, it’s time for reconstruction and repairs to the structure.

Who in San Diego can help me with commercial fire damage repair?

How do you restore buildings after a fire

Fire damage restoration is a long and difficult process that should always be left to the professionals. That’s where Risk Free Serv comes in. We provide detailed assessment and fire damage restoration services in San Diego and the nearby communities.

Instead of worrying whether the building will be safe again, have a relaxing day off and visit Birch Aquarium with your family and loved ones. Give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment right away. Contact us today!

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