What causes fire in commercial buildings

5 Most Common Commercial Fire Causes

Having a part of their premises catch on fire is one of the worst calamities a business owner can encounter. While calling in commercial fire damage repair services is an effective way to restore your workplace in San Diego to its previous state, knowing how to prevent the fire from occurring in the first place is still far better than having to deal with its aftermath.

In this article, we’ll give you a better understanding of this issue by discussing 5 of the most common causes of fire at commercial buildings. Learning about this can help you prevent the fire, so read on!

What causes fire in commercial buildings?

Understanding fire hazards can help you address them in advance and potentially save your company from devastation

Consider these 5 causes of workplace fires:

1. Space heaters

During cold days, various types of heaters are required to keep different areas warm. Other heating equipment includes boilers, furnaces, and radiators. If they can produce heat, they can overheat. Once it happens and there is a spark, the fire starts instantly.

2. Cooking equipment

This doesn’t apply to just restaurants. Any business center that has a kitchen area comes with a cooking station. Combine a gas stove with flammable grease and oil, and you get a recipe for disaster.

3. Cigarettes

Every commercial building has a designated area for smoke breaks. If you don’t properly dispose of cigarette butts, they can start a fire. Luckily, with the invention of vapes and electrical cigarettes, the fire rates have decreased somewhat. We’re all aware of how smoke affects our health, whether the sources are cigarettes or the fire.

4. Lighting and electrical equipment

Any device or appliance that’s powered by electricity can malfunction and start a fire. If the wiring hasn’t been changed in a while or the circuits are overloaded, it’s only a matter of time before a short circuit occurs. Other problems may include an imbalance in electrical loads, faulty fuses, or loose connections. 

Having a technician service your electric system on a regular basis can help with prevention, but don’t wait too long before you give them a call. It’s always better to take precautions, as fire damage restoration is a long and costly process.

5. Arson

If someone deliberately misuses a heat source, it’s bound to cause an intentional fire. In case there was a criminal or a malicious intent, this is categorized as arson and the person can be persecuted for it. Unfortunately, this type of fire occurs mostly in educational institutions. Proper fire safety education is crucial in these situations.

What should you do in case of a commercial fire?

  • Sound the alarm immediately, no matter the size of the fire, and call the firefighters
  • Evacuate the building by heading toward the nearest exit
  • Don’t return for personal belongings, your safety is more important
  • Perform a headcount at the assembly point and call an ambulance in case someone is injured
  • Wait for the firefighters and their further instructions and don’t enter the building

Who can I call for commercial fire damage repair services in San Diego?

Who can I call for commercial fire damage repair services in San Diego

Experiencing a fire in a workplace can be quite scary, especially if you’re unprepared. And when it seems like the building cannot be saved, it’s time to call Risk Free Serv. We offer fire prevention and fire damage restoration services, no matter the size of the building. 

Our professionals in San Diego will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to ensure that the building is in a good condition after the restoration. We’ll also do our best to fireproof the building so that the fires become a thing of the past. Enjoy your time with nature near the 4S Ranch and leave the building to us. Contact us today!

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