What happens if you work around mold

8 Effects of Working in Building With Mold

Mold is a naturally occurring organism that can be found in many places, including homes and office buildings in San Diego, CA. While mold itself isn’t toxic to humans, it can cause various health problems when its spores are inhaled or ingested. If you suspect your premises may have a mold problem, you should schedule commercial mold damage remediation services immediately.

But why is this so? Why is it so dangerous to work in a building with mold? We’ll be answering that question in this article by listing the top 8 problems a mold infestation can cause. Be especially mindful of these 8 symptoms if you notice any common signs of a mold problem in your premises. Read on to learn more.

Is it safe to work in a building with mold?

Absolutely not. Mold exposure has been linked to chronic respiratory issues, like asthma. Some people may also experience allergic reactions to mold, causing skin irritation or rashes. Finally, mold can ruin furniture and even damage the structural elements of your building.

You need to make sure your office space is safe for all employees by hiring professional mold remediation technicians. This will get rid of the mold, so no one has to work around it anymore. Mold can also be prevented from growing too quickly by controlling indoor humidity. However, this isn’t something every company knows how to do successfully. 

When you’re working in a building with mold, these side effects could show up on their own without you knowing what’s causing them at first. So make sure to address any air quality or water leak problems before they can get worse. If you find mold in your workplace, immediately contact a professional commercial mold damage remediation service.

What happens if you work around mold?

There are several symptoms that can be attributed to having been exposed to high levels of molds in your home or workplace, including: 

  1. Headaches;
  2. Fatigue/exhaustion;
  3. Congestion/chest congestion;
  4. Watery eyes/itchy eyes; 
  5. Skin irritation and rash(es). 

If these symptoms don’t go away when you move out of an environment where you’ve been exposed to mold, it is important to see your doctor. Your physician will be able to determine whether there are any toxins present which may have come from being around this type of fungus.

In addition to the above list, it’s important for those who have been around certain types of mold in their work environment not to ignore any strange physical changes they may be experiencing such as:

  1. Weight loss/gain without dieting/change in appetite; 
  2. Swollen face or eyes; 
  3. Difficulty breathing (shortness of breath) when at rest and increased difficulty breathing with exercise.

If you experience any symptom that does not go away and/or seems unusual after working near molds, then please seek medical attention immediately.

Where can I book a truly in-depth San Diego, CA commercial mold damage remediation services?

Is it safe to work in a building with mold

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